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TaskUnifier is a task management application which enables you to create and organize your tasks.
It is an application which you can install on Windows, Mac and Linux.

TaskUnifier allows you to synchronize your tasks with OrganiTask and Toodledo.
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Pro features


TaskUnifier Pro allows you to synchronize your data (tasks, notes, folders...) with OrganiTask and Toodledo. OrganiTask and Toodledo allows you to manage your tasks in a web browser (both provides apps for phones and tablets). You can therefore manage your tasks everywhere at any time. TaskUnifier Pro also enables you to synchronize your tasks via a shared folder on a private network.


TaskUnifier Pro allows you to publish (push only) your tasks to Google Calendar and Google Tasks. You will be able to see your tasks in your Google Calendar and Google Tasks accounts.

Add custom task fields

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to add custom task fields. Do you want to track additional information ? TaskUnifier Pro allows you to add any kind of field to your existing tasks !

Group your tasks

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to customize the way your tasks are displayed by grouping them based on the selected fields.

Free & Pro features

For Windows, Mac, Linux...

TaskUnifier works on any operating system supported by Java.
The Windows version is provided with an easy installer. The Mac and Linux versions can be executed directly.

Categorize your tasks

TaskUnifier helps you categorize your tasks by tags, folders, contacts, contexts, goals and/or locations. Find and organize your tasks depending on your current project or location. Divide big tasks into sub-tasks for a better view on what needs to be done.

Customization and themes

Select one of the themes provided with TaskUnifier and customize the appearance of the whole software. Change the color of the tasks, folders, contexts, etc to identify them immediately.

Save your notes

TaskUnifier allows you save your notes. You can organize your notes by folder.


TaskUnifier displays your tasks in a calendar view. This will give you a quick overview about the tasks of the day, week or month.

International settings

TaskUnifier has been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish. You can also customize the date and time formats.

Enterprise ready

TaskUnifier works behind a proxy and do not require admin rights in order to be executed.

Task templates

TaskUnifier allows you to create task templates. A template contains default values for a task. This allows you to quickly create new tasks with pre-filled in values.

Recurring tasks

TaskUnifier allows you to create recurring tasks. It can also remind you when a task has almost reached its due date.

Sort and filter your tasks

TaskUnifier allows you to filter your tasks and to sort them based on any possible criterion. You could for example only display the tasks that are due in less than 3 days and have the context "@ Work".
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Task templates
Task saved searches
Add custom task fields
Group your tasks
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